27 Mar “EVERY BUTTON COUNTS” – Europe for Citizens project

6 million+ Charitable Trust is awarded a grant from the EU Europe for Citizens Fund


Every Button Counts is an EU funded project that invites partners from England, Poland, Serbia and Italy to come together to look at the connections between the stories of the Holocaust and those of contemporary refugees in four cities.

Over an eighteen month period, the project is challenging participants and audiences to consider whether we do enough to prevent genocide, nationally and internationally. It is encouraging creative, collaborative responses to the refugee crisis in Europe, which are being shared at public events. At the conclusion of the project, reflections and outcomes will be shared with a wider European audience in the form of an online resource “Every person counts”

The project’s four partner organisations, in Huddersfield (England), Reggio Emilia (Italy), Lublin (Poland) and Subotica (Serbia), are working together to research and reflect on the histories and stories of people persecuted during the Holocaust and in subsequent genocides.

As the lead partner, 6 million+ Charitable Trust is bringing together a wide range of participants from differing cultural and social backgrounds to discuss why it is important to remember periods of history such as the Holocaust when attempts were made to eradicate particular groups of people.

The Trust will work with people both within our local communities and jointly with our partners across Europe, using creative activities to respond to stories, engage in dialogue and work together to plan and deliver remembrance events.

Participants are encouraged to make a direct connection with events worldwide and to examine responses to the current refugee crisis. Groups are invited to promote compassion and understanding for refugees in EU countries, dispel myths, challenge prejudices and increase understanding and respect for one another as EU citizens.

Our aims are to develop:

  • a deeper understanding of the refugee crisis in Europe and its connection to the past
  • a willingness to show compassion to the ostracised and take action to help them
  • increased understanding and fellowship between four European cities
  • friendship between cultural groups within and outside of their own cities
  • a heightened sense of confidence and enthusiasm from participants to engage in decision making processes, nationally and internationally

6 million+ Charitable Trust, based in Huddersfield, have been awarded an EU Europe for Citizens Fund grant (Remembrance Strand) of 95 000 euros to work with partners in Lublin in Poland (Municipality of Lublin), Subotica in Serbia (LDA Subotica) and Reggio Emilia (Institute for the History of Resistance and Contemporary Society).

Groups of participants from the four countries will work together until January 2018, to remember the persecution of Jews across Europe during and following the Holocaust, and compare that experience to the present day refugee crisis and Europe’s response to it.

The ultimate aim is to share past and present stories from individuals in each country and share experiences with a wider audience using theatre, writing, music, art and film.

The project will culminate in a joint Holocaust Memorial Day event at Huddersfield University in January 2018 and the publication of an online resource “Every Person Counts” which will help groups across Europe to work towards prevention of genocide.

The first encounters between local participants will take place in March 2017. Five people from Kirklees will take a small bag of buttons from the 6 million+ installation as a starting point for initiating discussion and creative activity with partners in the other three countries. Each button represents an individual who perished in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

Brian Cross, Chair of the Trust said “6 million+ are delighted to receive this grant to continue

raising awareness of the Holocaust and other genocides, exploring the connections between past events and the experience of persecuted minorities in the world today and

promoting creative arts activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds.”

The Trust continues to face the challenge of raising over a million pounds to realise the memorial sculpture made up of over 6 million buttons.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Cross, Chair of 6 million+ Charitable Trust

07947 897062

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