Steering Committee for Microcredit continuation in 2010
Steering Committee for Microcredit continuation in 2010

Tirana, Albania

15. – 17. July 2010.


During last week ALDA held Steering Committee on project “Microcredit scheme for young entrepreneurs in SEE”. Steering Committee took place in Tirana form 15 to 17th of July, and LDA Subotica representatives were in this meeting. Besides LDA and ALDA representatives, on this meeting Banca Intesa Sanpaolo with Banca Intesa Belgrade, Privredna Banka Zagreb and Banca Intesa Albania had their representatives.

LDA in Strasbourg Congress
LDA in Strasbourg Congress

17th till 19th of March

LDA consultants from Serbia visited Congress of Local and Regional authorities of the Council of Europe – 18th Session, placed in Strasbourg from 17th – 19th of March.

There were three LDA delegates from Serbia:

  • Olga Perušić, delegate LDA Subotica,
  • Milan Bošnjak, micro credit consultant LDA Subotica,
  • Marko Došljak, micro credit consultant LDA CSS Niš.

Microcredit filming

March 2010

During March ALDA and LDA’s made a short movie about successful micro credit clients. Movie was produced with Mrs. Kristina Babić owner of the “Simfonija” PR Agency and Mr. Vjeran Vidaković owner of the “Tvornica” form Osijek, Croatia.

In a couple weeks LDA’s from Subotica, Osijek, Verteneglio and Simfonija took a time to visit and record sucesfull microcredit stories. Recording sessions included pictures and short movie clips of the clients facilities and purpose of the loans, and the interviews of the owners.

Norweigan mission in Serbia – Meeting in Niš

March 2010

In order to preserve all good effects made from “Micro credit scheme for Young entrepreneurs In South East Europe” project, ALDA and LDA’s in Serbia made new successful meeting. Meeting took place in Niš, during 10th and 11th of March 2010. This two days meeting was key point of the whole negotiation process that organizations made, since the ending of the first project phase in October 2009.

Negotiations towards project contiuation in 2010

“Micro credit scheme for Young entrepreneurs In South East Europe”, or so-called ALDA credit line (as bank officers preferred to call it that way) has been potentially best way for SME to gain a serious investment projects. This fact approves the complete loan amount paid-off by two LDA Serbia offices together, which is EUR 1.085.344, 00. During past months, the conclusions are that the ALDA credit is attractive for potential borrowers. As for matters, due to great efforts of consultants and LDA teams, we managed to disburse a credit that helped SME’s in Serbia to feel the consequences of the World economic crisis little bit easier. 

ALDA microcredit realization in 2009.

LDA office in Subotica started to implement a “Micro credit scheme for Young entrepreneurs” in December 2008. as a field type of work. Through cooperation and consultation with Banca Intesa branches over Vojvodina, we succeeded to approve EUR 100.500,00 to our clients. Reasons for this results we gained trough improved “field work” of our consultant and improved loan conditions. Just for revision, basis of our “field work” was good communication with clients, improved contact and consultations with Bank’s branch offices, reduced response to clients by LDA Subotica office. LDA Subotica office has been dealing with more than 80 loan requests, five requests were approved, more over 40 rejected by the Bank, and 40 or more of clients did not manage to fulfill needed collaterals. 

April 2009

LDA in cooperation with the Bank Intesa brought new conditions for Micro credit. There have been changed the basic conditions, such as loan amount, interest rate, repayment period and cost of credit in the bank in order to approach entrepreneurs as much it is possible.

March 2009

ALDA (Association of Local democracy Agency), CEB (The Council of Europe Development) and Intesa Sanpaolo through its subsidiaries Banca Intesa Belgrade, Panonska Banka, Upi Banka and Privredna banka Zagreb, held the Steering Committee of the project on 3rd of March in Belgrade with aim to analyze the market positioning of the loan in Serbia and discuss a process of launching a project in Croatia and B & H. The meeting was organized in tree round of workshops, spitted in groups by countries built of Bank and LDA’s representatives. Practical results of  Steering Committee meeting is expected soon by providing a better loans range and more flexible procedure of approval.

March 2009

On, 9 March in Subotica was held presentation of Microcredits in the book agency AT. The presentation was held with the aim to close to customers of the mentioned agencies all the necessary information related to the Micro-credits. Host of the presentation was Aleksandra Dobrina, owner of the accounting agency.

February 2009

Stanka Parac and Olga Perusic participated in the seminar on bilateral co-operation between Buskerud County Council and Obrenovac Municipality, held in Obrenovac.

We were invited by the Buskerud County (LDA Subotica partner) to present ALDA and LDA activities implemented within Micro-credit scheme Norwegian delegation was composed of 14 members and the visit was the main annual event in this co-operation programme – involving also cultural exchange and the discussion on follow-up activities.