EVS days sucesfully finished

July 2012

Our EVS volunteer, Sabina Rozsa from Bačka Topola, left Serbia just less than six months and went to the Encinas Reales in Spain. In the past period Sabina was EVS volunteer engaged through the European Voluntary Service Programme (abbreviated: EVS) where she lived, studied and worked in the organization CEMER. Local democracy Agency is thru the partnership with the organization CEMER helped Sabina in her aim to become an EVS volunteer and visit Spain. Therefore Sabina had the opportunity to meet new people, get to know other different culture, lifestyle and acquire new significant experience in their six-month volunteer work.

My EVS in Netherlands
Dear LDA – My EVS in Netherlands

July 2011

My tasks are consisted from a variety of technical challenges, depending on the type of day. Tuesday and Wednesday are the days when we maintain the technique, we return everything to its place, fix the cables, and set decoration, transfer technology from one place to another.

Friday and Saturday are days for production, concerts and DJ nights are also take place during the weekend. Then we set the stage technique, depending on the type of events, and requirements of the contractors, we are in charge of technique during the evening, and after the performance, we return all to its place.

I am responsible for light, sound and video along with workers and other volunteers.  Beside me there is a four other EVS volunteers and about 50 volunteers from Amsterdam. We are the force in the whole place, without us the place could not function.

Cultural shock – am I going to survive it?!

May 2011

At first sight everything seems perfect. Finally I have impression that I am doing something useful here. I have my tasks, obligations and I am free to organize my work in the way I think is the best.  Even my everyday living runs somehow smoothly, as I was born here. I spent my time with a lot of new friends who I seems to know for all of my life.

However  just one morning is enough to change everyting. White coffee* instead of turkish. Letter Č instead of Ć in my surname. Even the way I am speaking  Slovene, spontanious and with no trouble, today goes on my nerves. I am molesting myself with the thought how this foreign language can be that familiar to me. I am really happy that I met Lea from Subotica, otherwise I am sure I would forget my mother toungue. Today after more then 4 months, I was even looking for the newspapers in cirilic.

EVS here I came
EVS here I come

December 2009

After one month and half things could go good or bad. I can say that the period of weighing has already passed, I organized my thoughts, and now I am convinced I have made a good decision to get into this adventure. Off course I couldn’t know what will wait me here. But it seems I had more luck than my colleagues although I had a lot of problems in battle with administration and waiting for the visa. This big headache was the reason why I was late more than two months on my EVS, but luckily I came straight to my on-arrival which is usually organized after two or three months of EVS exchange.

United Games started for Christmas
United Games started for Christmas

December 2009

From the 4-13 December I helped the organization “United Games” in the making and organizing the festival. In the program I also was leading my own workshop along with my mentor, Nina Sinožić. The workshop was called: “you bully me, I bully you! “ For the first three days (5.12.-8.12.) we where gathering the delegations from the “United Games” organization and we held a meeting for them where we showed what are we going to do in our workshop, getting to know the project and giving them some tips what to do and how to help the pupils in fixing the bullying problem in their schools. I already had experience with a similar project in Subotica, so it wasn’t hard to lead this workshop and I was a big help to my mentor. The workshop started with a normal “Ice Breaking” game to get to know the participants better.

My EVS in Slovenia
My EVS in Slovenia

November 2009

My first week in Slovenia started with a nice Welcoming party and then the next day it was work. One of my first activities was to be part of   “Sustainability” seminar which took place from the 10. – 17th May 2009. Which was organized by the organization “No Excuse, Slovenia” and at the mean time; I slowly got to know what I would be doing here and my part as an EVS volunteer. At the “Sustainability” seminar we learned about the recycling, method endurance, with the special aspect in world around us and the techniques how to make a good use what nature gives us. Accept for the meetings, we also had different activities in groups, education games together with the other participants from Norway, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Turkey and Italy that were also part of our activities. My task was to be present at the meetings, activities and games witch where organized and of course I helped with leading some “Ice Braking games”.