Successful ending of project: EUROPEAN AND OUR ISSUES

July 2009 Local Democracy Agency Subotica initiated this project in order to include the local media and to have an adequate media coverage of activities in a joint program of the Council of Europe and the European Commission: European intercultural cities, as the new network of...

European and our affairs

Joint Programme of the Council of Europe and European Commission: EUROPEAN INTERCULTURAL CITIES PROGRAMME

City of Subotica actively participating in the European Intercultural Cities Programme in co-operation with LDA Subotica

Over the past couple of months a number of visits and bilateral exchange in areas of good intercultural governance, role of local media and cultural diversity have taken place: delegations from the city of Subotica participated in the international conference in Barcelona: Intercultural Dialogue policies at local level (Barcelona, 28/31 October), bilateral exchange of good practice and the study visit to Lublin (in September) and the conference: Role of media in intercultural practice at local level in Patras (27/29 November). The network of 14 cities has established intensified and frequent bilateral contacts, while the number of local organisations involved is increasing.

October 2008

To encourage the local medias to take bigger role in informing the citizens about the issues of European enlargement, especially about implementation of different standards in local level, improving the field of good governance and management of municipality in multiethnic society during 2009. LDA Subotica is going to implement a project in cooperation with local television and Centre for multiculturalism providing a series of interviews in Strasbourg, Reggio Emilia and Neuchatel about concept of intercultural governance and it includes education of journalists about making the reports of European issues. The project is financed by Centre for development of non-profit centre. Goal of the project is based on issue that medias should encourage affirmation of European values and principles of intercultural dialogue and tolerance, having as the priority establishment of programs on promotion of human rights, public discourse and mechanisms of good dialogue with the citizens. 2008. is the year declared as European year of Intercultural dialogue.