ALDA (Association of Local Democracy Agencies), CEB and Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, with coordination trough a local Bank branches of Banca Intesa Belgrade a.d., Upi Banka, and Privredna Banka Zagreb, were constructed a project named “Innovative micro credit scheme for young entrepreneurs in Western Balkans”. This project will be implemented over the regions in Western Balkan: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with intention to be spread all over former Yugoslav countries.

Project uses integrated market approach in micro crediting, and main goal is to built-up and promote a sustainable “start – up” business, development of entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises and employment.

Implementation of ALDA micro credit in Serbia will be accomplished trough two LDA offices, one in Subotica, and other in Niš. Two LDA offices will have a separate work filed, so LDA CSS in Niš will cover Central and Southern Serbia region, and LDA Subotica office will cover Vojvodina province.

New, improved conditions of ALDA micro crediting are defined as:

  1. Potential users: entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (with 500.000, 00 EUR of maximum annual amount income)
  2. Target groups: entrepreneurs and SME’s with innovative business ideas, trying to develop and, in braches such as: services, craftsmanship, producing, construction industry.
  3. Credit purpose: Financing of fixed and current assets. Main function of ALDA loan is investments in fixed assets.
  4. Loan amount: EUR 1.000 – 30.000.
  5. Tenor of loan: from 6 months to 5 years.
  6. Method of IR calculation: Proportional calculation method (28-31/360).
  7. Nominal interest rate: EURIBOR 3M + 5, 5%.
  8. Effective interest rate: from 8,31% (for EURIBOR 3M = 1,835%).
  9. Application fee: 1 – 1,5 of the disbursed loan amount, one – time fee.
  10. Mandatory collaterals:
  • Bills of exchange,
  • Contract warranties,
  • For tenor longer than 3 years – first range mortgage or Pledge on stocks (not older than 3 years) with participation of the client in the investment above 40%.

11. Optional collaterals

  • One or more optional collaterals,
  • Up to two legal and/or private entities as guarantors,
  • The first range mortgage ,
  • Pledge on equipment, motor vehicles or stocks,
  • FX deposit of a private entity (minimum 20% of a credit amount),
  • Old foreign currency saving bonds, securities quoted at the Belgrade Stock Exchange.




Application process can be carried out with a few simple steps:

  1. Contact with LDA office – informing about micro credit conditions and possibilities of getting the loan.
  2. Documentation preparation, preliminary anticipation of client’s credit capability, fulfilling client’s questionnaire and making business plan with an expertise of LDA micro credit consultant.
  3. Credit request submission.
  4. Making a final decision and disbursing the loan.
  5. Monitoring and consulting by LDA office.

Download here: business plan and clients questionnaire.



  1. Copy of a clients identification card,
  2. Serbian Business Registers Agency statement form,
  3. OP form,
  4. VAT settlement,
  5. Financial statements in a past two years, and/or quarterly gross balance,
  6. Tax certificate,
  7. Documentation for collaterals.

If there are other legal entities as credit guarantors, those must prepare same documentation.


Clients interested in ALDA micro credit application, can inform themselves through LDA offices in Serbia:

LDA Subotica office (clients from Vojvodina province):
Telephone: + 381 24 554 587,

LDA CSS office in Niš (clients from Central and Southern Serbia)
Telephone: +381 18 523 853