The Local Democracy Agency of Mostar was established in 2004 within the Program of the Local Democracy Agencies of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe that aims to foster the democratic process and respect of human rights in the western Balkans.LDA Mostar works to support the local democracy and respect of human rights in Mostar area using the method of decentralised multilateral cooperation.The year 2008 has been extraordinary proficient  in strengthening our role in building up new capacities for local authorities, schooling system and CSOs in Mostar by supporting the democratic transition and the growth of a local community much more responsive to the needs of underprivileged social groups.

Our primary goal for 2008 has been the promotion of a series of local initiatives focusing on active civil society, transparent and capable public structures and exchange of best practices through several projects of development cooperation, good governance and sustainable local development.

The path done so far showed us how much work there is still to be done on the issues of democratic local authorities, governance, social inclusion, youth, education, multicultural policies and public service, but at the same time how positive is the response from the local institutions and citizens.

The bottom-up approach gave LDA Mostar the opportunity to act as gatherer of local requests, conveying them towards appropriate answers and instruments that can foster the quality of life at local level.

In particular, our actions have been focused on:

  • enhancing the level of cooperation between local institutions, citizens and social stakeholders;
  • raising people’s awareness about their rights;
  • promoting intercultural policies;
  • stimulating an active citizenship;
  • building capacities of local authorities and civil society organizations;
  • exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Moreover, during this entire year we have been strengthening the cooperation with our partners and donors who once more listened to, trusted and helped us to achieve our goals.
I express my gratitude to them and all people who encourage us in our daily work.

Jlenia Destito
LDA Mostar’s Delegate

LDA Mostar
Address: Adema Buća 13, 88000 Mostar Bosnia & Herzegovina
Tel/fax:  +387(0)36 558 330
Tel:        +387(0)36 558 331


  • Region Puglia – Italy / Partner leader,
  • City of Mostar – B&H / Host partner,
  • City of Monfalcone – Italy,
  • Province of Venice – Italy,
  • City of Kragujevac – Serbia,
  • Municipality of Vejle – Denmark,
  • Metropolitan City of Kayseri – Turkey,
  • Municipality of Orkdal – Norway,
  • Municipality of Sund – Norway,
  • NGO IPSIA – Italy

To support the democratization process in the city of Mostar by strengthening the good governance and capacity building of local authorities and civil society and the participation of citizens in public life.

LDA Mostar will be a resource centre for Cantonal government institutions, City administration and civil society for adjusting and harmonizing standards with EU democratic standards.

LDA Mostar activities and projects aim at:

  • promoting concrete initiatives to foster democracy at local level
  • building the bridges between citizens and governments
  • development of a pluralist civil society and active participation of all social groups
  • fostering the reconciliation process and the protection of human rights
  • fostering the sustainable local development
  • increasing the knowledge of local community about Stabilization and Accession Process

LDA Mostar is member of the following associations and councils:

  • LDA Mostar belongs to the network of Local Democracy Agencies operating under the auspices of the Council of Europe in the territory of ex Yugoslavia, Georgia and Albania. The program of the LDAs was founded in 1993 by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe to support the democratic process and the respect for human rights. At the present, the LDAs network, coordinated by the Association of the Local Democracy Agencies based in Strasbourg, Bruxelles and Vicenza (Italy) gathers 200 partners from 21 European countries.
  • Youth Council – Council of youth organizations from Mostar